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Data Extraction

Data is extracted digitally from PDF invoices using enhanced OCR technology, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of costly human errors.


Smooth approval workflows

Traild gives you the tools to easily share invoices for approval throughout your organisation, making approval processes smoother, faster and more efficient to save you time and effort.

Low risk approval

Payment Protection

Traild adds data-enabled rigour, audit trails and security into your invoice approval processes, giving  you and your business important protection from fraudulent invoices and payment mistakes.

The Benefits of TRAILD

Protect your business

Make better decisions with support from advanced digital risk analysis tools. Focus your attention on the highest risk payments

Save time

Accelerate data entry and invoice approval to reduce the pain of invoice reviews. Replace tedious, unproductive invoice reviews with value-adding tasks

Gain control

Understand your suppliers and costs in more detail through adaptable and accessible reporting and analysis


What our Clients Say?

TRAILD gives us control over our business, every payment is now checked properly. Our whole team used to sign and approve invoices but I never knew whether anyone actually looked at them.
GM Livestock
TRAILD has made our accounts payable process more efficient and secure, saving hours in manual processing and helping the business identify high risk items that need further review.
Managing Director
Property Services
With TRAILD, the finance team has control even if we don't know the specifics, it's already saved us from paying things we shouldn't
Chief Financial Officer

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Who we are

Our Story

Traild is a digital technology company that focusses attention on invoices that matter. By giving businesses tools to ensure they only pay for items they receive, the Traild platform helps businesses to process millions of dollars of payments each week with confidence and security.

The Traild business began in 2017, when our founders were personally impacted by losses from fraudulent payments. In solving this problem, we were also frustrated with the tedious nature and cost of approval processes for employers and managers. In response, we have designed a solution to manage both the efficiency and accountability aspects of the process.

Traild has an international team of leading technology professionals to develop and support its cutting-edge extraction, matching and validation capabilities for enterprise clients and SMEs around the world. Traild brings together its global resources to support customers with a comprehensive and innovative payment security solution.

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